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The City of Big Shoulders Embraces Bilingualism

Award-winning broadcaster Justin Kaufmann of WGN Radio, a news station in Chicago, hosted an 18-minute podcast about bilingualism. With guests Kara Morgan Short, associate professor of Hispanic Linguistics at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Kim Potowski, professor of Hispanic Linguistics also at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the podcast addresses the following widespread concerns in bilingual education:

  • The importance of teaching bilingual education,
  • How to promote multilingualism in your students,
  • The challenge of finding bilingual educators,
  • Common myths and misconceptions about bilingualism,   
  • The best time to begin bilingual education,
  • How to get the educational system to understand the need for bilingual education,
  • How the brain processes a new language
  • And finally, why bilingualism is good for the brain

Please find the podcast here.

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TWIN-CS advances the Catholic tradition of academic excellence by empowering Catholic schools to systematically transform from a monolingual to multilingual educational model in the service of vibrant culturally diverse populations.

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