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Preschool Tools in Mandarin, Spanish, and English from the Education Development Center

The Education Development Center (EDC) has released Tools to Support Preschool Learning, a toolkit for early childhood educators who are “looking for ways to develop a supportive learning environment for children who are emergent bilingual (or dual language) learners.”

This toolkit now has two new additions, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, titled Supporting Emergent Bilingual Children in Early Learning and Integrating Technology into Early Learning.

Each of these resources offer “promising practices for supporting the diverse needs of young learners,” from checklists to other practical strategies perfect for a bilingual and/or dual language environment. According to this brief release, these resources are applicable to “all early childhood professionals, working in all types of learning environments, with young children from all backgrounds.”

These resources are available in Spanish, Chinese, and English. Please find the resources here.

Also, follow #EarlyEdTools on Twitter for more ideas for your classroom.

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