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Bilingual Learning Idea: Lakota Nation Invitational Lakota Language Bowl

Written by Chynna Lockett, the South Dakota Public Broadcasting Network has published a brief article about Lakota Nation Invitational Lakota Language Bowl. The Language Bowl encourages students from kindergarten to high school to speak Lakota and Dakota languages in the form of a competition.

This year, the Language Bowl was comprised of 41 teams from all over South Dakota (and even a few from North Dakota). The students have four different competitions, including speed vocabulary, traditional demonstrations, traditional song performances, and a thematic word more.

Kellee Brewer, the Lakota Nation Invitational Language Bowl Coordinator, says that the average age of a Lakota speaker is 72 years old, making the language that much closer to dying out, yet she believes that “incorporating the language into school programs and getting kids excited about competitions like these is a crucial step to saving it.”

For further information on the Lakota Nation Invitational Lakota Language Bowl, please find the complete article here.

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