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Expanding bilingual schooling options in New York City

In a recent publication from Chalkbeat news, contributing writer Christina Veiga discusses the addition of 47 new dual language programs for pre-K students in New York City.

With these programs, the city will have their first dual-language pre-K programs in French, Haitian Creole, Japanese, and Hebrew, in addition to their already-established programs in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Bengali.

In part, the rapid expansion of the city’s dual language programs serves to rally support for the city’s immigrant population, but also ensures “[improved] academic outcomes for students who are learning English as a new language,” or English Language Learners (ELLs).

President José Calderón of the Hispanic Federation, a national group of more than 100 Latinx nonprofit organizations, voiced his support for these programs: “It is an incredible gift of education and multi-language acquisition for our children and their families that will strengthen communities across our city for generations to come.”

Members of TWIN-CS will recognize the benefits of dual language programs as mentioned in this article, from providing academic support for heritage languages to foster English language development. The expansion of these programs speaks to the growing demand for such language programs as well as the city’s response to its ELL and immigrant population.

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